Buying hair bundles with frontal hair is not a cheap investment. You may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on several factors. The most crucial factor that should come to play is the quality of the Frontal bundles. That should be the main focus. It is better to buy quality hair at a high price than to purchase cheaper hair with low quality. After making such an increased investment, you may not exactly feel good about your purchase. But with all Frontal hair bundles, when you install the hair properly, you will love your investment. Frontal wigs, when appropriately applied, beautify you and make you marvel at your hair’s new look. That is why you need to have a good hairstylist before you go ahead to buy hair bundles with a frontal. If you have a good hairstylist, you would not need to bother about purchasing the hair yourself.

Your hairstylist acts as your hair consultant, understanding your hair needs and what styles will fit you better. For instance, you may like a hair bundle because of how long it looks. But that length may not be the best for your hair type and face shape. It is the job of your hairstylist to help choose that. Whether you buy your hair yourself or hire your hairstylist, you will make an investment. You will want your new hair to last for as long as possible because of how much you paid. More so, if you have an excellent hair stylist work on your hair, you would never want that hair to go wrong. Lace front wigs are naturally built to be very durable. Therefore, all you need is to use the wig the right way, and you will not be struggling with it lasting long. The wig can last for more than two years. But its lasting period depends on the following factors;

How you use it

The most important factor affecting the lifespan of a lace front wig is its usage. Of course, you bought the wig because you want to wear it. And if you purchased a beautiful wig, it will always tempt you to wear it. But one thing to note is the more you wear the wig, the faster it gets old because of the activities involved.

The quality of the hair

A lace front wig’s lifespan entirely depends on the quality of the wig itself. If you buy the wig from the right source, you can rest assured of the quality. Usually, lace frontal wigs are built to last for at least a year before it needs a replacement. That is why you need to carefully choose the store you want to buy your lace front wig from.

Washing and conditioning

Washing and conditioning are two essential parts of maintaining your lace front wigs. While they are important, they may cause the wig to spoil sooner than you expect. For instance, using the wrong types of shampoo and conditioners will affect the wig quality. Also, if you wash your lace front wig too frequently, it will lose the shine quicker than you expect.


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