A pressure washer or power washer has become an important tool today. Because it makes your cleaning easy and quick, these machines are gradually becoming necessities. These days, almost everyone loves to use a pressure washer to clean large spaces and tough items. While cleaning a surface is smooth with a pressure washer, you need to be careful enough so you do not end up damaging the surface. The idea is to maintain the surface while cleaning and not damage it.

A pressure washer uses high pressure to clean by pumping the water that gets into the device. A power washer, on the other hand, uses the same force with additional heat to help remove tough stains from any surface. The high pressure coming from the pressure washer is enough to damage materials like grass and other fragile materials, and in some cases, it can damage hardened materials like concrete. Power washers can cause damage to materials like concrete, vinyl, amongst others. Does this mean that pressure washers and power washers are bad? No! Mostly, the reasons it damages these materials are partly the user’s fault. Let’s study four factors that influence a pressure washer spoiling a surface.

High pressure

Yes, you want to use the pressure from the pressure washer to wash off any stains. Without the pressure, there is no need for a pressure washer. We agree, but that pressure is the best friend of the pressure washer and the best enemy of the device. When you put a pressure washer at optimal pressure levels, you will clean the surface easily. But if the pressure washer is set at a level way higher than the needed pressure, be sure that the whole material will become useless.


The type of nozzle you will use in your pressure washer depends on the surface you want to clean. Pressure Washer nozzles come in different colors, with each color indicating the capacity of the nozzle being used in the washer. If you are using the wrong nozzle for different surfaces, you may not clean it well, or you damage the surface.


Another thing that can cause damage is cleaners. Some surfaces ought to be clean with water and mild soaps. For example, a freshly painted wall should not be washed with soap. There will still be some portions that the soap will be able to clear off. The same goes when you are using a pressure washer set.


Pressured water from the machine comes out from the nozzle at a particular force. Now, leaving this force for a moment to express itself on the surface will make it have less pressure. But bringing it too close to the surface may give it a higher pressure, damaging some of these surfaces. You should provide an optimal distance between your nozzle and surface. The distance should not be too close or far from the surface.


Using a pressure washer is great to clean, but if used wrongly, it can also destroy. We have listed why pressure washers can damage.


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