The princess peach cosplay costume is one of the most loved princess costumes in the world. Princess peach was well known for her gentle and kind personality. Furthermore, she had a good temperament. The best thing about the princess peach costume is that you and your child can both wear it. Therefore, it does not have any age restrictions. If you wish to wear a peach costume, you should know how to wear it properly. Below is a guide on how to effectively the princess peach costume.

1. Princess peach cosplay costume color

Generally, princess peach was known for her great love for pink. Therefore, if you are in the market for a cosplay costume, ensure to get one with the color pink. Any other color may confuse other people on who you are wearing. Furthermore, the pink color will ensure that you are easily noticeable.

2. Dress length

On almost all the Mario franchise, Peach always wears a floor-length dress. Therefore, the type of dress you should wear should be floor length. Furthermore, the color should also be pink. In addition, the dress’s collar should be dark pink. The dark color ensures that the dress stands out. The sleeves should also be short and puffy. Therefore, the main item in the princess peach cosplay costume should be a floor-length pink dress.

3. Princess peach cosplay costume also includes a sapphire brooch

Princess peach cosplay costume also consists of a gold sapphire brooch. A brooch is usually a piece of jewelry that you are meant to put in a piece of clothing. Therefore, it is essential to include the sapphire brooch on the dress.

4. Lipstick

Princess peach was well known for the Peach-colored lipstick. Therefore, you can choose to apply the lipstick on you and your daughter. Combining the dress and lipstick can make you look more like princess peach. Furthermore, people will not have any difficulty identifying who you are trying to depict.

5. White gloves in the princess peach cosplay costumes

The white gloves are part of the princess peach costume identifier. Therefore, ensure that you do not forget it as you purchase the complete costume. The critical point is that the evening gloves have a cloudy opening. The white gloves can especially come in handy during the winter season. They will ensure that you are warm but still look fabulous.

6. Pink pumps

Make sure that you do not forget princess peach’s famous pink pumps. The key identifier for the pumps is that they are high heels. Furthermore, the color is very vibrant. Therefore, you will look fantastic on it.

7. Sapphire earrings

Princess peach is always depicted as a very fashionable person in the franchise. Thus, ensure that you wear sapphire earrings for a complete princess peach look.

8. Blonde wig

Peach has waist-length and blonde hair. The blonde hair has heart-shaped bangs and two sideburns. In addition, the bangs cover Peach’s forehead. Peach usually wears her hair in a ponytail fashion when active in the franchise. Therefore, ensure that you do not forget to wear the blonde wig to complete the princess peach costume.


If you want to wear the princess peach costume, it is essential to ensure you have all the details. If you miss a single element such as the color, your costume may not resemble Princess Peach’s one. Thus, the above will effectively guide you through wearing a princess peach costume.


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